Unit 19 is an MArch Architecture ARB/RIBA Part 2 design unit that is part of the Design Computation Lab (DCL) in The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.

Unit 19 operates as a laboratory for experimentation in architectural design, fabrication and assembly utilising automation and other advanced digital technologies. We aim to push the limits of what we know and what we know how to do, projecting radical social change in the discipline of architecture, the construction industry and the built environment. We design projects for the near-now.   

In order to understand our contemporary situation, it is necessary to see how it links with what preceded it. Phenomena that appear to be radical novelties may, in historical light, reveal themselves to be simple continuities. – Nick Srnieck, “The Long Downturn”, Platform Capitalism (2017), p9.  

disrupt [verb]: to interrupt (an event, activity or process) by causing a disturbance or problem; to drastically alter or destroy the structure of – Oxford English Dictionary